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Team Cooke is a team of research students and our namesake principal investigator, Dr. Cooke, at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester. Our team originally formed to perform microbiology research to discover novel antibiotics and make novel observations about microbial diversity in areas of New Hampshire. Now, our research is not only leaving our small state, but going all the way to the International Space Station!

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Dr. Sue Cooke



Dr. Cooke is a Lecturer in the Department of Biology & Biotechnology at UNHM. Her research background is in the behavior and physiology of marine invertebrates. As the first faculty member from NH to attend a Small World Initiative training, she was able to introduce the BSCI 450 Small Microbial World course to UNH at Manchester based on antibiotic discovery from soil bacteria. This led to the development of her research program and the NoMADS project. Dr. Cooke also teaches numerous courses at UNH, including Principles of Biology, A&P, Ecology and several non-majors Discovery courses. Outside of work, Dr. Cooke enjoys running races with her daughter, working in her garden and going out to trivia nights or to see live music with her husband.

D. Raymond Miller


Ray is a post-bacc pre-MD/PhD student. His first degree is in large-format, fine art photography. Now, Ray does independent research on bacterial diversity of New Hampshire mountain soil. He has a passion for tutoring ESOL students and enjoys serving his community by working in UNH at Manchester’s COVID lab. In his free time, Ray enjoys hiking and painting.

Sydney Rollins


Sydney is a graduate student in the Master’s in Biotechnology program at UNH at Manchester with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. In addition to NoMADS, she performs independent research to discover novel antibiotics from soil bacteria. In addition, she teaches lab classes and works in the COVID lab at UNH at Manchester. In her free time, Sydney enjoys playing with her dog, Taco. 


Dianne Moschitta



Dianne is a graduate student in the Master’s in Biotechnology program at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester. In addition to being one of the newest members of the NoMADS team, she works on pancreatic cancer research at UNH Manchester with Dr. Kristen Johnson. She is an aspiring astronaut hoping to study the effects of microgravity on plant growth and development in the future. Outside of work, Dianne enjoys hiking, playing video games, and caring for her large collection of houseplants. 


Benjamin Beane



Ben is a senior biological sciences major at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester. With a passion for lab work and love for space, Ben has found the perfect opportunity to combine his interests as one of the newest additions to the NoMADS project. He hopes to continue his research on novel antibiotic discovery from his Small Microbial World class as a part of his senior research project. He is excited to gain more knowledge and experience through the NoMADs project while also working with this group of hard working and dedicated individuals. When he is not the micro lab, Ben loves being active by going to the gym, walking his dog, snowboarding, or playing a round of golf.


Thomas Gerton



Tom is an undergraduate student majoring in Biotechnology at UNH at Manchester. Tom is a team member of the NoMADS project with a focus on the 3D modeling aspects. Currently, Tom is working as Raymond's lab assistant for his research on bacterial diversity of New Hampshire mountain soil. Additionally, he has an internship at Advanced Solutions Life Sciences. In his free time, Tom enjoys rock climbing and riding his motorcycle.


Nela Klonowski



Nela is a senior at UNH Manchester in the Biological Sciences program. In addition to being new to the NoMADS team, she performs independent research to discover novel antibiotics from soil bacteria. Outside of work, Nela enjoys playing and learning classical pieces on the piano. 

Nela has graduated from UNH Manchester and now works full-time for a biotechnology company in Boston, MA! We are so proud of her!


Shoshana Trudel


Shoshana is an undergraduate student at UNH Manchester in the Biotechnology program. She is a new addition to the NoMADS team and will assist She conducts research under the supervision of Dr. MacLea to discover marine bacteriophages and the viruses of tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease, and also works as a phlebotomist at Concord Hospital. In her free time, Shoshana enjoys painting, kayaking, and riding her motorcycle.


Irma Vrevic


Irma is an undergraduate student working towards a biological sciences degree. She works on the independent research led by Sydney Rollins that searches for novel antibiotics in soil bacteria. On the NoMADS project, she manages the social media portion of the outreach. She hopes to work in the medical field in the future and is currently working a part time licensed nursing assistant job. In her free time she enjoys reading every chance she gets and watching movies.


Vishnu Soni


Vishnu Soni is a pre-med senior in UNH Manchester’s Neuropsychology program. He is the newest addition to the NoMADS team and will assist with youth programming as well as educational content creation! He conducts research on visual illusions under Dr. Sparrow at the Sensation and Perception lab at UNH Manchester, and is also a tutor for writing, psychology, and biology. In addition, he is the president of UNH Manchester’s Psychology club and the Vice President of the Filmmaker’s Club. In his free time, Vishnu likes to play tennis and cricket, play video games, and watch horror movies and shows.


Isabelle Laizure


Isabelle is an undergraduate student in the accelerated master’s program in Biotechnology at UNH Manchester. She intends to pursue an MD/PhD after finishing her master’s degree. She is a new addition to the NoMADS team, assisting co-lead Sydney in community outreach. Outside of NoMADS, she works in Dr. Johnson’s cell culture lab studying gene expression and characterizing biomarkers of pancreatic cancer. In her free time, she spends time hiking, playing video games, and listening to metal.

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