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Novel Methods of Antibiotic Discovery in Space is a college student-led research project sending an experiment to the International Space Station to see how bacteria mutate in space! See how YOU can get involved below!

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Join the NoMADS Tribe!

Team Cooke wants to visit your school or childcare site in person or virtually to share information about our mission! Presentations include age-tailored, interactive activities to enhance understanding of core concepts, and align with Common Core Standards & Next Generation Science Standards.

If you are interested in having Team Cooke visit your classroom, school, childcare facility, or organization in the 2021-2022 school year, please email us at!

Every school, childcare facility, STEM center, museum, library, parent/guardian etc. in New Hampshire is eligible for completely free programs with Team Cooke. Our mission is to reach as many K-12 students in the New Hampshire area as possible!

As of 2/15/2023, Team Cooke NoMADS has reached: 

Kids k-12



Educational Mini-Series
Crash Course-inspired short videos to teach kids about bacteria and antibiotics!

Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets
Free guided activity sheets and coloring pages. Feel free to download, print, and share!

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Extra Extra!
Check out our past NoMADS Culture Newsletters by clicking on a link next to the graduated cylinder!

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To view our flyer, click the button below:

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Thank you to our Community Partners for hosting our tables and after-school Programs!

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Manchester, NH

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Concord, NH


Manchester, NH


Plaistow, NH

NoMADS Tribes School & Childcare Facility Visits

Option 1 - One visit

Team Cooke will visit your school or facility once and host an interactive presentation with groups of any size about bacteria, antibiotics, the International Space Station, and our experiment! You then have the option of running the engineering challenge with your students after we leave. 

Option 2 - two (or more) visits

Team Cooke will visit your school or facility twice. At the first visit, students will learn about bacteria, antibiotics, space, and our experiment. In between visits, your students will work on their engineering challenge. When Team Cooke returns to your school, students will present their engineering challenge solutions to the team, and we will award accolades to the best! Virtual second visits are also available.

Presentation Content


The ichip & our Payload Enclosure


The International Space Station

Antibiotic Resistance

Space Conditions

Want to see how we can support the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards in your class?

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